Colors and Finishes


Audiosears manufactures several different types of products that involve various plastic materials, such as our G-Style Handsets and Cradles, Caps, etc. The most common material used is ABS plastic, which produces an inexpensive, durable, lightweight, impact-resistant product through injection molding processes. We can manufacture our plastic parts in both standard and custom color choices, normally designated by a 2-digit code.


Standard Colors


Standard colors are generally available, commonly used by our customers and reflect optimal lead times for any order size. These colors depend on the product and material used:


G-Style Handsets / Caps / Cradles, ABS Plastic
00 - Black
06 - Dark Red


Custom Colors / Finishes (partial listing)


All ABS Plastic products
01 - White
02 - Ivory
03 - Lt. Beige
04 - Lt. Gray
05 - Dark Green
07 - Dark Grey (spec)
08 - Rose Pink
09 - Sea Green
10 - Aqua Blue
11 - Yellow
12 - Turquoise
13 - Haze Beige
14 - Cocoa Brown
15 - Harvest Gold
16 - Lt. Ash
17 - Burnt Orange
18 - Cherry Red
19 - Dark Grey (std)
20 - Purple
85 - Baby Blue
86 - Coventry Blue
93 - Chrome Plated
96 - Misty Cream
97 - Smokey Pearl
99 - Clear


A variety of custom colors are possible for our other products based on the material used. We can color match your existing product(s) or utilize Pantone or other color reference designations. We can also provide special graphics, branding, plating, painting or other finishes depending on your specific applications and product needs.

These options are all subject to minimum orders / lead times, applicable color matching fees and product prototyping if necessary. Contact our sales department for availability and pricing.



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