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1940**** (Product Family)

Dynamic Noise-canceling Unamplified Microphone

The 1940 microphone is a self-contained noise-canceling dynamic transducer supplied with mounting cap for installation on standard handsets. Replaces standard carbon microphone transmitter cup and cap. Basic units are unamplified - amplified version base P/N is 1941, which provides response equivalent to P/N 1583C (T-1 type) transmitter.

The base P/N 1940*** includes no other options, with two standoff terminals on the back of the mic cup. P/N 1940***1, 1940***2 and 1940***3 come with 1, 2 or 3 extra standoffs (for miscellaneous electrical connections). Housing is normally manufactured with ABS material, or available in custom Anti-static (P/Ns 1940A00* and 1940S00*, respectively).

1940 microphones are available in a variety of standard and custom colors. Refer to our color chart for a full listing of available colors. Custom color choices may require minimum purchase quantity and lead times will vary - contact our sales department for more information and pricing.


Part ID Description Diam (in) Height (in) Sensitivity (DBv) Imped (Ω) Weight (g) Photo (front) Photo (back) Photo (side)
1940*** Dynamic, Noise-canceling, Black     -65 ± 4     None None None
1940****1 Dynamic, Noise-canceling, Black, one extra standoff     -65 ± 4     None None None
1940****2 Dynamic, Noise-canceling, Black, two extra standoffs     -65 ± 4     None None None
1940****3 Dynamic, Noise-canceling, Black, three extra standoffs     -65 ± 4     cam_icon cam_icon cam_icon
1940A00 Dynamic, Noise-canceling, Black ABS, with black cap 1.80 2.14 -65 ± 4   39 ± 3 cam_icon cam_icon cam_icon
1940A04 Dynamic, Noise-canceling, Black ABS, with gray cap 1.80 2.14 -65 ± 4   39 ± 3 None None None
1940A06 Dynamic, Noise-canceling, Black ABS, with red cap 1.80 2.14 -65 ± 4   39 ± 3 None None None
1940S** Dynamic, Noise-canceling, Black anti-static     -65 ± 4     None None None
1940S00 Dynamic, Noise-canceling, Black anti-static, with black cap 1.80 2.14 -65 ± 4   39 ± 3 None None None



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