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Audiosears manufactures a wide variety of microphones for different applications (Carbon, Electret, Dynamic, etc). Choose from the products below for more information or contact our sales department.


1277 1277 Carbon Microphone
13573A 13573A Noise-Canceling Microphone (Carbon Equivalent / Electret) - "The Eliminator"
13721 13721 Amplified Electret Microphone
none 13780 Noise-Canceling (close talking) 400Ω Dynamic Microphone
13800 13800 Dynamic 8Ω Noise-Canceling Microphone
1583C 1583C T-1 Type Carbon Microphone
1628 1628 Carbon N-1 Type Microphone
1938 1938 Unamplified Standard Dynamic Microphone
none 1939 Amplified Standard Dynamic Microphone
1940 1940 Dynamic Noise-canceling Unamplified Microphone
none 1941 Dynamic Noise-canceling Amplified Microphone
6585 6585 Dynamic Pre-amplified Microphone
none 8907A Dynamic 400Ω Microphone


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